CRIT Professors Part of $12 Million Intel Research Grant

CRIT professors Jeffrey Bardzell and Shaowen Bardzell are part of a new $12 million Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing. The Center comprises five universities, including Indiana, California–Irvine, Cornell, Georgia Tech, and New York University. Bardzell and Bardzell are also joined at Indiana University by Professor Erik Stolterman, also of the School of Informatics and Computing, on the project. Nearly $2 million of the total is earmarked for research at Indiana.

In collaboration with researchers from Intel, the Center undertakes research that will identify and develop theories, frameworks, and methods that will drive new scholarly research, new technology prototypes, new policy interventions, and new areas of innovation. The Center will facilitate research and collaboration at the vanguard of the emerging era of massively networked, mobile and cloud computing, while providing tools to understand and build on the history of earlier systems of social and technological interaction.

CRIT students and faculty will be working on projects related to this Center for the next five years, so look for updates here as we get further into it!

Learn more about the project:

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