Announcing a 2019 ACM DIS Workshop: Exploring Noticing as Method in Design Research

2019 ACM DIS Workshop: Exploring Noticing as Method in Design Research

We are excited to announce a 1-day methodology-focused workshop to be held at the annual ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) Conference on Monday, June 24, 2019 in San Diego, CA. The workshop will bring together scholars, activists, and designers to collaboratively explore alternative research and design methodologies for producing ethical interventions using the concept of noticing from anthropologist Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing. The workshop will be thematically linked to feminist scholarship, and participants will develop and exchange practical tactics for engagement with noticing in their own research, as well as discuss how to extend these strategies to the broader DIS community. Outcomes of the workshop will be documented and submitted for publication in Interactions Magazine.  

We welcome participants from diverse research areas across HCI, design, science and technology studies (STS), the humanities, and the social and natural sciences. In preparation for the workshop, participants are asked to submit a 2-4 page position paper in the CHI Extended Abstracts format, presenting an original case study or reflection on their own engagements with noticing in which they:

  1. Present examples from an original research project or a case study that involves strategies for noticing differently,
  2. Illustrate how the specific case provides the opportunity to challenge dominant narratives or to question established ways of knowing, and
  3. Describe the questions and frictions that arose from using noticing strategies, or how noticing methods might be expanded/applied to the broader DIS community

Interested participants should email their position papers to


Submission deadline for position papers: April 29, 2019

Author notifications: May 6, 2019

Workshop date: Monday, June 24, 2019


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Szu-Yu (Cyn) Liu, Indiana University Bloomington

Jen Liu, Cornell University

Kristin Dew, University of Washington

Patrycja Zdziarska, Indiana University Bloomington

Maya Livio, University of Colorado Boulder

Shaowen Bardzell, Indiana University Bloomington